Heroes Come In All Sizes

17 year-old Sarah Gniazdowski wrote “Most of the Time” which pays tribute to her brother, Danny – pictured above, who passed away from MPS seven years ago. Sarah continues to make a difference in the lives of children by majoring in Special Education as she enters college this fall. In their relationship, they both played the role of the hero.


Most of the Time

Most of the time I’m fine.

I find myself caught up in the fast paced ways of the world. Always moving forward and rarely looking back. But there are those unexpected moments that in a split second can transport me to a different time . . . a time with you.

Those small gestures that can bring tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart.

Like when a little boy races up to his big sister and tells her he loves her the way you used to tell me. Or when a cute boy flashes his irresistible smile just for one trip to McDonalds.

Most of the time I’m fine.

But sometimes . . . sometimes I find myself in a whole different world. A world where I wake up every morning to Sunny D in a Sippy cup and Arthur before daycare. A world where every Tuesday night was spent at roosters with you ordering for the whole family. A world where a person can order a cheeseburger without cheese, but not a hamburger. One in which ketchup is eaten with everything. A world where on birthdays you join in singing yourself Happy Birthday. Or a world where Santa comes down the chimney the day after thanksgiving. A world in which five minutes is the universal answer for “how much longer?” One where playing outside consists of a fifteen minute session of soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Or a world where the chicken dances refers to the tossing and kicking of a dancing chicken. A world where every day is a roller coaster with you as the highest high and the lowest low.

But mainly I find myself in a world where every day is faced with love and patience. A world where you taught me so much but understood so little.

Most of the time I’m fine but sometimes, sometimes I find myself back in a world with you.

Sarah Gniazdowski

June, 2012



About Tina Donovan

Tina Donovan, M.Ed., PC has dedicated her life both professionally and personally to improving the lives of children. From volunteering as a youth leader to developing a non-profit youth organization, her focus has been on providing opportunities to children enabling them to discover and develop their own unique talents.


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