Accepting Responsibility

Hello Readers!

I have goofed!! I deleted most of the comments that have been written in response to our blogs.  I apologize. I am new to all of this and believed that the messages were all spam; however, they were not. But I acted on my belief and deleted your comments and for that I apologize.

Dr. Saarni, a leading expert in Social Competency Skills, indicates that 8 skills are needed with one of them being able to accept responsibility for your emotions – not blaming how you are feeling on someone/something else. So for as much as I would like to blame my husband or a friend for my actions and my current state of frustration, I accept full responsibility and would ask that if you take time to write a comment again, I will respond.

Until then, I’ll be walking around the block and counting to ten or maybe a hundred.


About Tina Donovan

Tina Donovan, M.Ed., PC has dedicated her life both professionally and personally to improving the lives of children. From volunteering as a youth leader to developing a non-profit youth organization, her focus has been on providing opportunities to children enabling them to discover and develop their own unique talents.

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